NAV Web Service Authentication

Does anyone know if there are any other authentications options besides NTLM for accessing NAV web services. For example, you can view the structure (WSDL) of web serives in IE but not Firefox. You will receive an authentication error 401. I ask specifically becuase every expample I have seen, has always used C# or ASP to call the NAV WS. But what about accessing the NAV WS from Cold Fusion or Java? Isn’t that the point of a web service?

I have written some examples that use Javascript to call NAV WS and you can read them here.

I am pretty sure that Freddy K has done Javascript calls to NAV WS for his NAV Search Sidebar gadget. See here.

I must admit I have never tried using another browser (I use IE), but I do know that if you register the NAV Web Service SPN you can authenticate using Kerberos and there is an example of how to do that here.

Nav webservices only work with kerberos. You have to write a web service wrapper for your calls in order to use NTML. I will post a blog on this when I get time.

Here is the blog.

WE have webportal developed in java and we need to use nav2009 functionalities.every one suggested webservices.

Can some one guide me with the links.


I suggest to wait for Sp1 for 2009. You can start reading here.