NAV- Web client-url

I have been deploying NAV-2016 Web client with the usual URL i.e.(, but now want to change those urls to simpler ones. Kindly advise.


The best I have so far tried to come up with is to replace the ip address with a name.(xxxx:8080/dynamicsnav90/webclient) but would like to replace the whole URL with something simpler such as

Hi Frank,
Cannot do that. You can also short the instance name. Dynamicsnav90 is just the default (demo) instance name. You could change your “live” instance name to just NAV - also easier.

But you could also create a HTTP redirection, meaning if your users go to, then it automatically takes them to

let me try this and see, thanks.

Yes I am agree with Erick, As upto my knowledge you can not do the same. However, you may create HTTP redirect the the link where you are trying to go in webclient .

Thanks & Regards


You’re welcome. The actual redirect can be done in different ways, but the easiest is doing it from the default page (default.aspx) of the root of the “true” domain.

Perfect, just perfect.


I’m trying to do something similar to an on prem server but I’m having some issues…

I have deployed my Business Central Server on 3 servers. 1 is the Business Central Application Server, the other my SQL Server and the last my IIS Web Server.

All is up and running but I can only reach the Web Client via the following URL http://server-name/BC130

If I add the domain name after the server name,, it no longer works. The site comes up and I get the windows Authentication Prompt but after entering my credentials, I get the following error in the event viewer:

Error accessing Website 
Type: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.NavServerNotFoundException
Message: A server was not found at "net.tcp://". Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.

DNS is setup correctly but I think there must be a setting where the business central server will only respond to queries coming from a certain url.