NAV Upgradation from 3.70 to 5.00 Issue


I am trying to upgrade Nav 3.70 to 5.00

I have created NAV 5.00 customized version and regarding table and data as per upgrade toolkit i have moved to Navision 5.00 and I have followed the steps Data conversion (Upgrade 5.00 Step 1) Now the probem is the G/L account table does not contain ‘GIFI code’ field but the customized object created using developers toolkit contains source expression as ‘Gifi code’ and so if I manually trying to create the field means it am getting permission problem.

Because this is a developer license and also i cannot export it to base version and then i cannot do modification, if i do that, I will loose the data.

Please help me in this.

If I understand you correctly you need field 10001 GIFI Code in table 15 G/L Account. The problem is your license won’t allow you to insert a field in that range.

Though you can’t create the field, you can import it. Try these steps:

  1. Export table 15 as text

  2. Open in notepad and insert the following text below field 66 “Default IC Partner G/L Acc. No”:

{ 10001; ;GIFI Code ;Code10 ;TableRelation=“GIFI Code”;
CaptionML=[ENU=GIFI Code;
ENC=GIFI Code] }

  1. Save your file and import the object as text.

  2. Compile the object

I am pretty sure this will work, give it a try.