NAV Security Querries

Hi All

In a NAV 2009 classic Native Database Option implementation, can you please help with the following querries:

  1. Is there a procedure to detect users whose accounts have been expired?

  2. In database server authentication, is there any way to implement a unique id like employee id along with the user id for making sure that an employee has only one user id assigned?

  3. Can we log no. of login failures and attempts of false login ? (in database server authentication)

  4. Is there any password expiration notification? (in database server authentication)

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Hi Chayesh,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

In answer to you queries:

  1. You can create a form/report off the User table (Id 2000000002)

  2. You can code this but first how does this cause a problem? Also have you considered Windows Authentication which uses the users’ GUID

  3. Not to my knowledge - this is not logged

  4. There is no expiry on the passwords so no notification.

Thaks Dave, i think i got the answers.

You’re welcome - glad to help [:D]