NAV Programming help

The last modified date field in the item header is making a little confusion to the users in such a way that for any modification you made in the item header the last modification date is changed and this make a change in the item status every time you made a change and you need to write a comment for ever simple changes made for reporting.

How to customize the last modified date field on a specific fields only . I am new to C/AL programming so i need your help

Thank you

Code to Update Last Modified Date is written in OnModify trigger of table 27

Rather than changing the existing functionality, you can create new field in Item table and write code in each field Onvalidate trigger (specific fields)

You also may be able to use the Change log functionality to help and possibly wire into that. It really depends how many fields and areas you need this functionality.

Thanks Mohana …I hope this will work for me .

Hi Teresa

Can you please make it more clear for me. I need the steps if you don’t mind ?

Whats use of Change log functionality ?


You need to setup Change Log Functionality for required table & its field.

Who ever changes the related data in the field it is captured in a separate table which you can view it from the report.