Nav or SAP?

I have almost 4 years experience in NAV. I may like to shift to SAP career., i do have an opportunity but i don’t want to leave Navision career and i would like to excel more in NAV. What should i do? What it will like having like 15 years of NAV experience? Will i be one day like manager or something lol? :slight_smile: I have to decide very soon actually. If i get SAP trainings, will i be like SAP beginner or my Navision experience will count, if i apply for jobs after SAP trainings?

Thank you

That really depends on what your planned career path is. Do you want to stay a developer? Become a team lead? Do project management?

I agree with Matt.

But I also feel that by changing to SAP, you will be working as a beginner and will not gain much from your NAV experience (specifically if it is more towards developer/ technical aspects).

Yeah, I mean a Vendor is a Vendor, a Sales Order is a Sales Order. Doesn’t matter the system. Basic functionality will be the same. Technical aspects will be completely different.