NAV Odata Reference HTTP Error

Hi all,

Recently we’ve made a migration to a new server with Dynamics Business Central 365.
We have a internal application in c# that uses Odata to Update/Delete information between NAV and c#

When i try to update the service it gives me this error

I also changed some IIS configurations accordind the old server.
Enabled Windows authentication and Enable PRoviders Negotiate and NTLM by this order.

I restarted the server and it worked, but then it stoped.

Also I got this.

With old server i’ve got no problem

Any help would be apreciated thanks.

Hey Rikarddo. Welcome to the forums! These posts will show up on the feed of logged in members that have joined the group, so posting in a single forum is preferred. I’ve left this one and deleted the others.

Hi Rikarddo,

Welcome to DUG. Are you working for an end-user or partner?

It looks like you have two problems:

503 - which tells you that your service (NAV) is having a problem

401 - your have not specified a username/password

IIS is not used by NAV for OData, so changing the configuration here will not help. Everything regarding OData is configured in the Business Central Administration or with the PowerShell Cmdlet’s.

Are you able to login to the Business Central web client?


Sorry for the late response. I’m working for an end-user.

Yes i am able to connect to Business Central Web Client.

Here i post more images about the erros.


To resume i cannot open the url after i published it in Odata. Soap works fine.

But i use some app’s that consume Odata services.

Thanks for the help

Hi Rikarddo,

The only thing that I can see from the images you have shared is that the company id in your Odata request is wrong. You’re using the company name, but you should be using the company id (guid). I’m not sure that’s the only error, but try to use the company guid instead.

I think it’s not that.

It asks me for credentials, and after i submit it gives the Request Error.