Nav Negative & Postive Adjustments


I am a new user in Nav I have an issue of having inventory quantity as Zero but value is negative. How to adjust this and what would be the cause of this problem?


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First of all try to diagnose why it has happen as having qty zero but value is there.

Are the entries fully invoiced, and have you run Adjust Cost?

If you have open entries you may have to apply those entries manually using the application worksheet.

After running the “Adjust Cost Item Entries” everything should be zero.

  • everything should be close to zero.

As NAV [usually] works with 5 decimals in unit prices and 2 decimals in totals and Ledger Entries, roundings may occur.

Depending on amounts and number of entries a value of +/÷5,- would not be quite unusual.

No, once everything is fully invoices and consumed, and Adjust Cost is run, both quantity and value totals will be zero. No exceptions.

Generally, if the qty is zero and value is not, the ACIE batch will correct it. That is assuming the qty is actually zero per location and variant. Another parameter is time. Depending on settings, dates users are allowed to post, and using inventory period or not, could cause posting of quantites and values on different dates. Before inventory periods were introduced, there were issues with roundings as Anfinnur mentioned. There are a lot more issues that could be the reason for this difference, but since Sujith is a new user in Nav I would ask for some more information:

  • Is the remaining qty zero per location and variant? You can filter the Item Ledger Entries on this.
  • Have you run the Adjust Cost batch job, as Babrown asked earlier?
  • What version are you running?
  • Do you use Inventory Periods?

Thanks all for your instant help find below my comments:

I have already run adjust cost entries but still in my inventory closing by location in a particular location I have zero quantity but a negative value.I am using Nav 2009 R2 along with LS Retail. Yes inventory periods is monthly.

Also can anyone tell me how to revalue the items in hand. For example currently I am migrating from an in-house ERP system to Nav and inputting the data into NAV but when we reconcile we have difference in value amounts in closing inventory however the quantity seems to be matching. I use FIFO method of costing. How can I adjust NAV to match my earlier data.

  1. Adjust prices of inventory
  2. Adjust negative inventory

Since you are using inventory period, it could be that you have posted a transaction (item ledger entry) in one period but it then got it´s cost in the next period (value entry). Is it when you run the Inventory analysis report you see the negative value? If so, then extend the timeframe in the datefilter to see if it shows correct value. Then the ILE and value entry have been posted in different periods.

To revaluate a transaction, go to Warehouse-Inventory-Revaluation Journals. Enter the Item No and then drilldown in the field Applys to entry. Select the transaction you wish to revaluate, back in the journal you can either enter Unit Cost (revalued) or Unit Amount (revalued). Post the journal.