nav native 3.70 ODBC download

A pure classic I need the an old ODBC driver.

I have been browsing some 15 year old posts on this forum, because I have been give a task regarding an old Navision native setup, where I need to get data from the file, and not SQL. I have read enough threads in here to know that it’s on the installation-CD, which no one remembers where is and most likely thrown out 10 years ago. It should also be available here:…/145305 but really it isn’t. I can’t find the link, and it is sort of frustrating, as I felt so close.

I have seen several low effort threads to know that basic questions like mine are not that great, but I really believe I have done my due diligence here. Any pointers would be very appreciated. Also old posts on this site navigates to this forum, and not any sub-groups, so I hope it is ok I post here.


Even if we do have a Navision (DOS/classic) forum, then it’s ok to post it here too. It doesn’t happen that often anymore that we have question about the old products, so the other forum is basically “dead”. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Not sure what you mean. The link in your post works fine. When you get to the page, just click on the download button. Or click on this directly link:

Sometimes your browser could be the problem. If it doesn’t work for you, then either try another browser or private/incognito window (remember to login here also).

Hej erik

Thank you for the direct link. It was the browser, as I can easily see the download button now, and the direct link also works in a different browser.

Much appreciated. A followup, if I may. When I have been looking for ODBC drivers for Navision, it appears that it does not exists in 64 bit. Can you confirm that?

Yes… No such thing exist. Remember that you are talking about some quite old software :wink: Also notice that if the Amounts are more than 10 digits then you might get errors when using drive, and finally if you are running the program on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 with a Native database - you risk of destroying it.

Only “safe” way of running is on a Windows XP

Hi Palle

Ok, thanks for clarifiying. Sounds… Exciting with the crashing of files and all :smiley: