Nav info. in Excel

Hi, I have an Excel spreadsheet. It has a column that lists the items (1 or multiple items may be grouped per Row) and we wish to retrieve certain information Eg. Sales Qty. in another specific column. The spreadsheet has multiple tabs, with the same type of format as above on each tab. I would like to know which is the best way to go about this scenario. [8D] Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

H Jonathan, If You search for ‘Excel’ in the integration forum, You’ll get 5 pages of results. Perhaps You can find some help there. regards Alexander

Or maybe You should look in table 365 “Excel buffer”. I think You will find enough code examples there that You can use. You should actually try to use that table for Your data and call the functions there to populate Your Excel sheet. That should be the easiest way.

And also in the “Application Designer’s Guide” (w1w1adg.pdf on the Navision-cd) you can find good information about Excel-integration. I used it once to make graphs in Excel when running a report in Navision.

Hi, Thanks ALL! Quickest easiest method was to populate the Excel Buffer table and then run the CreateSheet function to export it into Excel. Thanks again.