NAV Implementation life cycle

This post is for all of us to share their MS Dynamics NAV Implementations as a consultant to help all NAV Users to understand

the ERP Implementation life cycle in a more better way.

As Every implementation is a unique case that has happened to each of us, it will be a extensive knowledge sharing opportunity. The Time duration

challenges faced by all, diffrences of opinions , handling different scenarios , different responses from the users. Demonstration reactions.

WIde suggestions of solutions but no reults and etc are the ex of some challenges faced by all of us.

As Every Life Cycle has basic phases

Business Process Study

Pre-Implementation Training

Requirement Analysis

GAP Analysis

BMR (Business Mapping Report)

Project Plan

Installation of Software

Customization of Forms & Reports

Migration of Historical Data

Design of Routines & Workarounds

Setup & Configuration

Testing Environment

End-User Training

System Walk-Through

Go Live

Post Implementation Support

I am not sure that I fully understand the purpose of your your question, are you just listing a suggested order of implementation process? If yes… whom do you expect to react to your post and why?

Exactly not quite sure what this post is. It’s obvious been copied from another document. At least part of it comes from this 6 year old post:


But if you like our members (in this forum primarily NAV/BC developers - not so much consultants) to share their experiences, then a good way would be for you to start by sharing the parts you like to discuss. Not just examples or headlines.