Nav Financials- compare two dates by calendar event

I’m looking to do an comparitive analysis within Nav where I need to compare sales, etc based on holidays. So ie. Thanksgiving holiday weekend Oct 11-13 2008 I can pull my sales numbers but I don’t want to compare it with -1Y to last year 2007 as the holiday may be on different dates. I want to be able to do a formula or some type of function for it to know to compare it to the same holiday for 2007.

I don’t think Nav has this capability in it but I thought it would be worth asking. This would be a very handy function for many different industries. Maybe someone has a work around idea?

Hi tori,

Perhaps you could create a new table to store the different holiday-dates?
Then apply the filters you need, and do a loop of this table, to determine which dates you need to have the figures calculated on.

If you create the table with at least these 3 fields, it should do it:
Holiday (e.g. Thanksgiving, Cristmas etc.), this field could very well be of type Option, as i don’t think new holidays are invented that often.
Year (e.g. 2008 etc.), this field could be of type code4 or integer.
Date (e.g. 2008.12.25), this field is of type date.
Make the primary key consist of both Holiday and Year.

I think there is a holiday-table in NAV, that you might use, if you have the appropriate granule (i don’t know wich) in your license.