NAV EDI tables


What could be the minimum list of NAV tables to start with EDI. I don’t need those special setup EDI tables with ‘EDI…’ in names.

As I know that the below once could be as mandatory:

‘Sales Header’, ‘Sales Line’

‘Purchase Header’, ‘Purchase Line’

There could be also ‘Sales Invoice Header’, ‘Sales Invoice Line’, ‘Purch. Inv. Header’, ‘Purch. Inv. Line’ needed. I’m wondering if it could a minimum list to start with EDI.


Hi Nala,

Unless you either have a very very limited scope, or really want a project you can spent years “completing” then I’ll recommend you to take a look at one of the many 3rd. party EDI add-ons that already exits.

I’ve been in your situation a few times, and it always end up take much more time and require more tweaks to get it working.

But if you decide still to do it, then you need to analyze exactly what kind of EDI system you talk about. What kind of documents do you need to exchange? Must you support standard edi formats like x99 or EdiFact?

As always it’s also import to know which version of Dynamics NAV are you using? I would recommend to look at the data exchange framework. It’s basically an data import/export engine, but only available in the newer NAV versions.

Hi Eric, thank you very much for your reply. The EDI solution/module is Lanham. It’s all empty however. I’ll contact them about from where to start.

That’s actually a very good question to start of an addon especially when you know E-Ship Lanhem - The best answer to this question is you should take one EDI file you need to achieve and go ahead based on it and the dependencies.