NAV Design (Style) Guides

Ladies, Gentlemen,

long time ago, somewhere out there, we have had a design/style guide for MS-Dynamics NAV (that time called Navision Attain). I am looking for that document. Does somebody has it somewhere? Can you please upload it or send it to me [ walter (at) kirz (dot) com ].

Thank you for your attention.

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I have this doc in my archives (we used it when developing our AddOn), BUT… The PC with this archive is in another country, if I’ll manage to set up a TS conn to it, I’ll upload it for you, meanwhile maybe somebody other will respond earlier…

In general, it described the interface and AppArea tables structure, so, just looking at Navision native AppAreas and Forms layout and following the patterns can help you, too.


any updates on this? I searched my archives but I cannot find it anywhere. I was pretty sure I had it somewhere but it seems I lost it.

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Hi Walter,

I have uploaded it to the download part of Navision Attain Graphical User Interface Guide (link updated by Admin)

Thanks Luc,

I have just moved the file to the Documentation area instead of the files area: Navision Attain Graphical User Interface Guide

Luc, Eric,

thank you so much.

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