NAV Configuration


Can I configure Role tailored architecture with NAV’s native database?


Thanks Dhan,

Can i do it in Classic Architecture, and what is the size of nav’s native db?

Hello Ratheesh,

Yes, it can be used in classic but then you will not be able to use Pages and webservices etc. But definitely use of SQL Server (NAV on SQL) is recommended.

What exactly do you mean by nav’s native db?

The size of database will vary from company to company and upon the usages/ transactions volume in database.

If you are talking about Cronus Demo database’s size, then I think it is about 500 MB.

When we are installing Nav, a basic SQL pack is also installing which i meant NAV’s native DB. I dont know its correct or not and somewhere i heard that its size is around 4 GB.

If you’re using SQL Server, you are NOT using native DB. As said before, the size depends on how much data is in there.