Nav clients can't connect to server

Hello :

Yesterday, we uninstalled the antivirus from the NAV server (Navision 2009) and since then the Navision clients can not connect to the server. The network is working fine, I can ping to the server from the clients. I checked and all the services seem to started fine:

Database Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic service is running as well as all the network services.

Am I missing somethig? some service that is not running?

I can access the database from the server.

This is the error I get on the client side:


Please help !!!

Sounds like the anti virus added a fire wall.

Hi David:

You’re right, I temporarily turned the windows firewall off and it worked. Now I need to get back anf find out which ports should I open and activate the firewall again.
Thanks for your reply.

Hi Lorena,
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