NAV Client customization

Hi all,

I am working on customization of NAV client so that a user working on NAV client can interact with an external application.

I was wondering if this can be done by going through the NAS ?!

Is there a known way to do such a communication and does it have to be done through the NAS?

Is there an API to do such a task ?

Looking forward for your help

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Ali Daher

Communication with external apps is preferably done through the use of NAS yes. In your case (looking at the tags of the post) you seem to be looking for integration with CRM. I worked on one years ago (CRM1.0) and we used the basic Commerce Gateway flow in NAV. We used what was then called ‘post callout’ functionality, which is the way that CRM implemented certain database operation events that fire when records are inserted/modified.deleted. We wrote a .NET components that caught those post callout events, and forwarded the XML to a message queue, and Commerce Gateway would then send it through Biztalk. It made sense for us to use BTS because the customer already had that running.

If I were to do it again I probably wouldn’t use Commerce Gateway or Biztalk and write my own message queue monitor. That’s assuming that CRM still has the post callout events.

There’s a few 3rd party integrations now between NAV and CRM, check with your NAV partner to find them. If I were you I’d go for a commercial connector over building one myself anytime

What i understood from your reply is the following: when at CRM side a change has been made then NAV would be notified about it through Commerce Gateway and Biztalk.

What i want to know additionally is what should i do if i want to make an action(that has nothing to do with business transation). For example initiate a call to the outside world through a server (our server) .

Actually we are building a middleware server that handles calls ( sms , others) between different applications where a user can initiate a call through http messages to our server which directs it to the right destination(HiPath,…). We want to let the NAV user initiate a call from NAV client or send sms through our server. That means i need to work a little bit on the NAV interface(add buttons) then build a plugin through which our server and NAV can communicate.

Do i have to work on NAV source code? or is there another way to solve this scenario?

Beside that i would like to know if there’s a trial version for NAS in order to test it and understand more its functionality and how to wirk with it.

Thanks for your reply

So you already have or are working on a commercial application that is supposed to work with NAV, but have no idea how to make it happen for NAV? I would suggest that you find a NAV partner in your area and discuss your requirements with them, and they will be able to help you develop the NAV bits that you need for this product.

My example is just one way out of many how you could develop an interface with NAV. Each situation calls for its own specific solution, and there might be a number of different solutions for your situation.