NAV ClickOnce Installation try to open different Company which is not in the tenant

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I’ve configured clickonce installation for MS Dynamics NAV 2015. It download all the data into remote computer but try to open Cronus company which is not in the relevant tenant. Client is not opening due to this error. If I try to install this into fresh computer which is not having any NAV setup, it is working, it takes right company and open the client. But if the remote company has any other NAV installation, it gives this error. sometimes, I may miss some settings that configure the company name, which should open through installation. But, I don’t know, which *.config file I have to change. Is there anyone, who has clue on this???


I’ve found a solution for this. I’m sharing it with here as it is valuable for everyone. The explaining scenario is multitenant environment. We are having Default tenant with CRONUS Company and number of other tenants for different business purposes. Each tenant has single company with the name of tenant. We’ve written a PowerShell script to copy CRONUS company and create new company with different name in same default tenant. Then creates another tenant through PowerShell and move recently created company from default tenant to new tenant, and then create ClickOnece installation folder for the tenant through same PowerShell script.

When remote computer download the ClickOnece installation files and at the time of login to the tenant, the error ‘The Cronus International Ltd. cannot find’ popups and it stop the process. CRONUS International Ltd. is in default tenant and this ClickOnece tenant installation was prepared to login different tenant which has no relationship with Default tenant. Finally, I found the solution, within Tenant Company. We have setup few users in CRONUS International Ltd. company which is in Default tenant. The Company field of user personalization in each user is CRONUS International Ltd. We have put company there, by mistake. This setup is existing in tenant company as it is a copy of CRONUS company. Hence, ClickOnce Tenant installation going to open the company which is specified in the user personalization of login user. This setup is ignoring all other setups even the default company setup in Tenant.config file. I clear the company of user personalization of each user and now the ClickOnce installation work fine.

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Thanks for sharing your solution! :slight_smile: