NAV and SQL license

We currently have 11 limited user license for NAV 2013 and in the process of upgrading to SQL 2016, so the topic of purchasing CALs came up. I understand that we do not need to purchase User CALs for SQL because the NAV user license takes care of it.

In addition to production NAV users, we do quite a bit of work using SQL Management Studio.

Are we shooting ourselves on the foot by solely relying on the NAV user license on SQL?

Hi Phil,
If you need to purchase user CAL’s for SQL or not, that depends on your SQL license.
The NAV CAL license NEVER takes care of that!

If your SQL license is the special “NAV SQL” server license, then you can also buy the NAV SQL CAL’s. But only for use with NAV. If you have anything else than NAV on that SQL server then you cannot use it.
But otherwise it follows the rules of the SQL Server license you have.

Okay, but would us querying SQL outside of NAV (e.g. using SQL Management Studio) use up our NAV user CALs. I ask this because there are instances when we would trip our MAX concurrent user in NAV and was wondering if this was related to us not having enough SQL user CALs.

Technically it is not be included in your concurrent user count.
But because you technically can break the licensing limit, doesn’t mean that it’s allowed. You would still need a NAV user when using it. Either a full or limited user, depending on what you do with this querying.

please describe more details what you want to do.