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We have a third party company that supports our Nav system. None of our users are admin users and we are having a hard time getting them to set up one of us as an admin user. Is there a logical reason for why they will not hand over control? We would like at least one person in our company with the abilities to set up other users, make changes, etc. Every time we need to make a change we have to have this company do it for us for a large fee.

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Hi Shannon,

You ask “Is there a logical reason for why they will not hand over control?” - well besides that they loose the income then it might be a security issue. But you didn’t really say enough for anyone else to give you a more correct answer. There are many factors here:

Is “your system” running in-house on your own servers, or is it running in your hosting partners data center? If the later, is it running on your own (dedicated) physical servers or as part of a virtual setup shared with other their clients? If the later, do you have your “own” SQL Server or is this also shared with other clients where you only have your own database?

The more you are sharing the environment with other clients, the higher the risk in giving you full admin access.

Normally this is should be described in your contract. The contract should specify your service levels and fees, but also which type of access you can be assigned. If your contract specifies that your partner is responsible for everything, and your own admin somehow messes up something (as part of their admin rights), then its still your partners responsibility, unless they can prove it’s your own fault (which is often difficult). So in that case its easier and more secure, just to prevent you from getting admin access.

But as I started by saying, there are many factors, which I need to know before I can tell you more.

Thank you Erik, you are correct.

There are many other factors here that I need to find out before I pass judgment.




It is obvious that you will not get Admin rights from your implementation partner. And also for performing many operations you need a developer License , you cannot perform all the tasks with your customer license. Its better to hire a person to Manage ERP (NAV) or else instead of a company you can hire a person who can resolve the matters online as a consultant. Companies are always charging higher. You would find many experts in India who work as consultants for NAVISION with a very lower fees.

Amit Aherkar

NAV Admin