NAV 5.0 SP1 - Purchasing/Payables/Vendor Reports - (CK-NAV 28-Apr-2009)

Hi Everyone,

Can someone point me to NAV 5.0 SP1 reports that relate to Purchases/Payables/Vendors that would be useful for someone in a procurement position. Reports that address the following:

  1. Vendor Performance

  2. Inventory Turnover - Qty-on-Hand vs Consumption

  3. Budget vs Actuals by G/L for the Purchasing Function

  4. Unit Cost vs Time Report to show how prices for Items have changed over time.

  5. Any other reports that would be useful for the purchaasing function.



First, examine the Reports available to you as standart - and this standart differs from country to country, NA version has many Reports that European countries versions do not. (BTW - I can’t recall right now - does Canada have its own localisation or you use NA?).

But keep in mind, that “standart” reports tend to be rather generic or such elementary “must-be’s” which every accountant round the world needs. Usually, either these “standard” reports are tuned for concrete client or Partner creates from scratch reports specific for you, but you must decide what you don’t like or don’t have at all available, then explain your requirements to implementing Partner.

At quick look, only #4 from your list seems not to be available out-of-box, the others you can find in their respective application areas under Reports menu entries - their names are descriptive enough to understand what exactly they do.