NAV 5.0 Send to Word/Excel via Style Sheets

I’m a bit ignorant on the new ability in 5.0 to export to Word and Excel, but I’ll risk demonstrating my ignorance :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell if it’s possible or impossible to call these functions thru programming? Our use would be to create a whole series of Word documents at the single press of a button (export documents, for example).

yes you can,

there is a tool to create your own stylesheets available on partner source, not sure if on customer source


Appreciate the reply.

I’ve seen the tool to create new style sheets, but what I’m wondering is if there is a way to write code that would duplicate what the three new buttons do (Send-To Word, Send-To Excel and Send-Options). We could then write code to create a whole series of Word-based reports, basically replacing the standard Report Selections functionality. We could then create a whole series Word-based reports when the user posts a shipment, for example.


Yes you can. There is a download from partner source that is an update for style sheets for v5.0. This has an amended codeunit 403 (as well as some instructions :slight_smile: )

I guess striping out the amended code in codeunit 403, would allow you to perform the same function from elsewhere within NAV.

Maek sure you have a current license file, or else you’ll get “you do not have permission” errors.

Cool. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the reply !