NAV 5.0 Price Start and End Dates


We have a new NAV deployment, and have our items with their initial pricing defined against Customer Groups in Item Card/Sales/Prices.

We are ready for new pricing for a range of products to kick in in a few weeks. So I am testing Data Migration to do this. The process I am following is:

  1. Export Sales Price table

  2. Change Pricing for each item

  3. Enter Starting From date

  4. Import

Now all this seems to work pretty well, the new pricing is in there - however, once the Starting From date passes, the new pricing does not come into play - the existing pricing stays in effect.

All the original prices were entered without a start or end date - obviously it isn’t always known when a price will no longer apply. So I entered an end date against a price, and viola, the new price is used.

So my question is about the price selection logic. It appears to be:

“Use the price that has a price starting date less than today, unless there is a record with a blank starting date, then use that”

Whereas I would expect that a price record that has a starting date takes precedence over one that doesn’t - ie “use the price that has a starting date less than today, unless there isn’t one, then use a price record with a blank starting date”

In other words a blank starting date “wins”. If this is the case, then I can’t see a straightforward way to manage the pricing - each time there is a change, we can simply add the new prices, but we will have to go bakc to each record individually and add an ending date to the existing pricing.

Is there a better way to do this?



Ok, my initial searches didn’t come up with anything, and of course once I posted, I found the answer. So this is part of the “Best Price” algorithm, and changed from the way I would expect it to work in 3.6 to the current way in 3.7.

So if this is the way it is supposed to work, then I imagine that there is an easy way to update the end date of existing price records that don’t have an end date?

I believe the tool intended for this is the sales price worksheet - you bring in the data, amend it and then implement the changes. You would need to bring in the prices and then amend the ending date on each line, or an F8 copy down.

However I have always had issues with teh structure and use of this part of teh application, so I would not describe this as an “easy way” but try it and see.

Yeah, I played around with that, but I couldn’t see how it worked. I have a blank sheet, and the only functions available are Suggest Item Price, Suggest Sale Price, and Implement Price Change.

How would I “bring in” prices?