NAV 5.0 - How can I attach pdf to my PO's, SO's and Invoices in NAV 5.0 SP1 (CK-NAV 09-APR-2009)

Hello Everyone,

The accounting department is requesting for a solution that will allow them to attach the original pdf copies of invoices to the PO’s, SO’s and/or Invoices. I am hoping NAV 5.0 SP1 has some feature that can do this without any add-ons. Please help me accomplish this. If it is entirely not possible with base NAV please point me to good add-ons.



Yeap, Navision supports this (more or less).

The PDF should stay on a network path which is available from all computers in the same way (either UNC or common drive letter). Then you can call the “Links…” option from the “Edit” Menu. You can link as many documents to a record in NAV as you want. These will then be forwarded to the posted documents in NAV.

yes, it’s the best solution if without any development.


Install PDF Creator Software In Your system.At the time Of Print U can choose printers option as Pdf Creator.

Thanks everyone. The solution from Thomas Brodkorb worked just fine.

Always glad to help.

Hi Thomas

We’ve got Navision V4.0 at the moment and I assume that we’d need an add-on to allow us to attach PDF purchase invoices to ledger postings?

Any help would be great.