NAV 4 SP3 Language problem

I have just installed the SP3 version and restored a known database.
Even though my regional settings have not changed from UK English, the language in NAV is now defaulting to ENU and not ENG as before.

Only noticed when a form failed that had tab options that were different for each language.

If I created a new label previously, it created a ENG automatically, now that is ENU.

Not sure what the fix is or why this has been changed but this will cause some serious problems I suspect.

Anybody know what is going on here?

Hi Coling

Captions are created with the ENU caption as default because you language is set to ENU. Select Tools - > Language and select English (). All captions will now be created as ENG captions. The language setting will be saved in the zup file so you don’t have to worry about this again unless you change language or replace the zup file.



Thanks for that, I thought I had looked at that in SP3…
All fixed now.