Nav 4 : Integration with Outlook 2007 - Is there any White paper ?


Does anyone here can tell me if there is an existing document ( White paper) that explains the integration with NAV 4 with Outlook 2007?

I have found a document call " Microsoft Business Solutions Sales & Marketing - Navision 4.00: Integration with Oulook" which is base on Outlook 2003 and I am wondering if there is one with Outlook 2007.


Hi Taty,

As Outlook 2007 was not released when Navision 4.0 was released in 2005, then I don’t think you should expect to find a more up-to-date document.


Additionally - I recall I’ve heard v4 does not work normally -or even at all - with Outlook2007, as 2007 differs greately from 2003.

Office 2007 as such is very differnt from previous versions, both in interface look & feel and internal structure. Maybe some ver4 SP’s have changed this, but v4.0 definitely will have problems.

Thanks Erik .

Thanks Modris . So do you think that NAV SP2 works well with Outlook 2007? Where can I confirm that information as we have a client who want to use Synchronisation with Outlook 2007.


I wrote so, because I’m not certain, it was some years ago, but still I wanted to warn you about possible problems, which shoud be checked before GoLive…