Nav 4.01 and citrix

We are using Nav 4.01 in a citrix environment and it works fine, but suddenly (and imprecisely) the session crash with the error informing if you like to send to MS the error.
In the Event Viewer of the citrix server , we can note messages like:" …the following information is part of the event: finsql.exe;;430b4e86;finsql.exe;;430b4e86;0;000a4ad5 ".

Is there anyone supposing what was happening?
I thought to communication problems about internet , but There is no such problem in the event viewer.
Maybe parameters in the citrix session?
Thank you in advance


You should update to SP3, which contains a number of fixes specific to Navision crashing on Citrix.

I am sure, that that will make your Navision clients more stable.


Lars, do you know if the isses are related to Citrix specifically, or to Terminal Services in general?

If it works, let us know as well.

If you don’t want to upgrade yet, do the old fashion detective work.

Where were they when it happened in Navision. Does it happen during other things or just idle?
Does it happen during certain times of days, etc…

By the way, what Navision version SP___ were you on.

What SQL version SP____ were you on.

Good luck.

Hi David,

Some of the issues were specific to Citrix. But just in case, if Navision crashes on Terminal Server, I would also go for SP3,



We run Navision (8 countries) on Windows Terminal Server (2000 and 2003).

We have never experienced any crashes or failures caused by the Navision application.

We control all device attachments for all users.

I read the Release Notes for SP3 and I understand that this reported fixes specifically for Citrix.