NAV 4.00 Service Pack 3 for South East Asia (Thailand, Philippines etc)

We are using the Asian Pacific version (Thailand; Singapore; Philippines; Australia; New Zealand; Indonesia; Malaysia) of NAV 4.00 with Service Pack 3 installed. And now I’m looking into upgrading this including all our modifications to Dynamics NAV version 5.00 (well know that Microsoft does not have version 5.00 for Asia).

But I need a clean version of the NAV 4.00 AP database with Service Pack 3. I’ve looked in the subscriber database at MSDN, but I can only find it with service pack 2.

So if you have this database (only the database) then I would love to hear from you ASAP! [:)]

Hi Erik,

I have a 4.00 SP3 database for Singapore laying around…
Can You use that?

Hi Alexander,

One of my other contacts (who saw my post here) have actually just emailed the Thai database for version 4.00 SP3 to me. But thanks a lot any way!