NAV 4.0 SP1 on SQL 2005 upgrade problem...

Hi! I have just upgraded a customer from 2.00W1 Native database to 4.0SE SP1 on SQL 2005 database. First of all I can’t use Window log in. It works fine when I run client on server, but not from the users client i got follow message: “Table Data 2000000001 does not exist”. It’s seems to been a issue in 3.70: Article ID : 887986 The “Table Data 2000000001 does not exist” error message occurs after you upgrade a database from an earlier version of Navision that is a localized version. When I’m run database login its works fine for some user but not all. I got error like “Table Data 2000000002 does not exist” and dbo.session missing. I have checked that the security tables have ENU Fieldname and Table name. I’m also tried to create a whole new database (Not Restore from earlier version) and have same problem. Anyone having same experience? Any solutions?

You said Windows logins? I think that some extra stored procedures will need to be put on the SQL server instance for that database. And, wasn’t full support for SQL 2005 not coming until SP2?

After you have added the login, make sure to go to Tools → Security → Synchronize all logins to set the permissions on the SQL tables. Every time you modify table data permissions, you must run this function. You should also avoid running this during business hours, as depending upon the size of your database, it could take an hour or two to complete. Also, there is an issue w/ SQL Server 2005 and Navision 4.0 SP1. Search the forum for READPERMISSION and you will see the following post: