Nav 4.0 Outlook integration (Contacts) Automation

Hi Does anyone know of a way round the synchroniation routine using the client software to run ? The reason I ask is I have 5 sales guys who have their contacts on the server I have Navision and I want to automate the synchronisation so that I run one routine. Any ideas ? thanks Michael

Sorry, I didn’t fully understand your question. Navision has outlook synchronization. This synchronization his made when a user selects that option in Navision. You to automatically synchronize all contacts for all vendors directly in Exchange Server?

Sorry my explanation was as clear as mud. We have 5 sales guys who have their contacts on Exchange Server (Outlook). These guys do not have access to Navision. What I would like to do is to run a routine that looks at the salesperson table pick up the integration parameters and run the synchronisation for all of them one after the other. At the moment I can only see a way of running this manually.

Navision out of box doesn’t support that. Navision has developed to make synchronization between Outlook client and Navision Client. To achieve that you must have someone / partner to develop that feature. Technically it’s possible.
I don’t know if there is already an add-on with that feature.