NAV 3.7 login issue with SQL 2005

We still use nav3.7 and several days ago, we migrated the db from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 and keep the compatibility to 80. We can logon with admin accounts, however, when a end user tried to logon, it prompted “the user doesn’t have permission to perform the action”. Does anyone here know how to fix this? Thanks a lot.

SQL2005 is not supported with Navision 3.7.

Can you do a runtime upgrade? Try 4.0 SP3, not 5.0.

I know there’re compatible issue between sql2005 and navsion 3.7, so I set the compatability level to 80(sql2000). And as a admin, I can access navision without any problems. Only common end users encounter the error.

Trust Mark, he knows what he is talking about [;)]

Yes you can make 3.70 run on SQL 2005, but you don’t want to be doing this in a live environment. I do it locally just for basic testing, but allways have to then retest on the Live 2000 server version to be sure.

The big issue is that you will need to re cost some views in SQL directly, and this is not recommended.

Running SQL Server 2005 with Navision client 3.70 for me never hasn’t too stable, even only for development.

I know upgrading is the best way. However, the cost is a big handicap now. So I want to seek a way to make 3.7 work on sql 2000. I thought degrading the compatible level to 80 would resolve this[:(]

A technical upgrade is not expensive!

What does your parner charge you for this?

Do you understand the difference between a runtime upgrade and a full upgrade?

I think as Mark says, you are confusing a Technical Upgrade to and Object upgrade. Read here for an explanation: and sepcificaly this :

That depends on whether you are current on the license enhancement. Just the 4.0 license itself may require the customer to catch up on the enhancement before they can even get a license for it, and if you’re behind 4 years (which is not uncommon for 3.7 customers) that is definately not cheap.

Off topic.

It seems to me that this issue is an NA issue? Here in NL most companies are on the license plan.

If you take care of your navision system and upgrade regularly you will never have to implement an ERP system again.

End users should be aware that by cutting of the license plan this huge bennefit also goes away. The costs of reimplementing are far more higher than just a license fee and a 2 year upgrade.

I think the arguement is irrelevant unless we know if Sparkling is on an enhancement upgrade plan or not.

Which is why I said ‘that depends’.

Thanks all for your exlanation and suggestion, I will talk to my boss about the technical upgrade.