NAV 2018 Report Runtime when Sending as Email

We needed to add some custom fields to the Purchase Order Report.

I made a new custom report in AL, and then selected it through Report Selections.

When you click Send…, click OK after the first dialog to Send Document To, when it gets to REPORT.SAVEASPDF(ReportID, FilePath, RecordVariant) in Table 77 Report Selections it gets hung up for about a minute. It gets hung up after going through all of the report code.

I went back in and changed the report back to the base report, and have the same issue.

Has anyone else had issues with this??

I have an installation with 100’s of users, sending out more than 1000 emails a day, with no problem

What build of NAV 2018?

What version of Microsoft Office?

And are you using SMTP or standard mailing?

All users having this problem or only a few?

They are on CU3.

Not using Microsoft Office.

SMTP relay from gmail.

We are still in the development stage, so the limited users that we have are experiencing the issue.

Have you tried with the standard purchase order report?

Yes, and it happens with the base report as well on their server.

Just a wild guess:

Your service is running with the “Network Service” account, not with a domain account and the “Network Service” account does not have write permissions in the folder defined by the “FilePath” variable. (Just worth checking, I would say).