Nav 2016 report

I have an problem about Nav migration report,
In my previously system Nav 2009 report footer data insert into temporary table , that time code written on Group footer section , but in nav 2016 its not possible, In Nav 2016 data inserts only body wise(not group footerwise) , so i want to insert group wise footer data into tamporary table in nav 2016, so please give me solution for this.

You can always group the tables in Nav 2016 i.e in RDLC Moreover you can also define group Headers And Group sub totals and Totals .

  1. Please Be Specific on what you needed .
    2.can You provide any Screenshots Or code Or field By Which you gonna group.

In my existing nav 2009 system i inserted only group footer data into table through report. that system i write code on group footer section. But in NAV 2016 where i write that code???
eg": We have Mumbai location wise 3 lines in item ledger entry, then i want their total in single line . and also insert this single line into temporary table.

i Think you want location wise total in nav 2016 report, you need grouping of the table row regarding location wise.

Thanks for reply, My report output is correct, but i want insert these data into table.


item No Location Quantity

10 Pune 10

10 Pune 5

30 Pune 20

This are report body lines

Then Total is group on Item No & Location.

Then Report Footer is

item No Location Quantity

10 Pune 15

30 Pune 20

Then this report footer data want to insert on temporary table.


I Think you are very New to NAV 2016/RDLC

1.In the Body Add Table

2.Add Respective fields in Table

3.add grouping Like Below With Footer


4.Select Location Code Example i have Selected No.


In Footer Add fields Which you want the totals As

Example :Sum(Fields!Qty.Value)

above gives the Total Qty in particular Location…


6.Done Your report.(I assume you know How to add fields in report and how to Use Sum Function)

If you Find Any Issues please Let Me Know .

Before that read some Blogs on how to group in Rdlc reports

My issue about insert data into table not report layout.
RecLocwiseqty - is my temporary table.

recLocwiseqty.ItemNo:= Item Ledger Entry.Item No;
recLocwiseqty.Location:= Item Ledger Entry.Location;
recLocwiseqty.Quantity:=Item Ledger Entry.Quantity;

I want to insert report footer data into table(LocwiseQty )

insert data Item No & Location Groupwise

First think when we upgrade the Nav 2009 report in to Nav 2016 report, In Nav 2009 we have work in Section and in Nav 2016 we have work in RDLC Layout , both have many differences.


Then You Have to make a group or Using Code

  1. take a Code variable name it “LocationG” Onaftergetrecord Write Like

IF Location ='' Then Begin
Location := yourfirstLocationwillbeCopied;

If Location = YourLoaction Then Begin
Add Whatever Total Fieldsyou want to do
total += qty;
If Location <> yourLocation Then Begin //Next Location
1.Insert the Totals 
2.Clear the totals Globals
3.And Again allocate Location
4.Initiate Next totals Again for New Location

Thanx for reply, it’s really help me…