NAV 2016 Print & Send---Microsoft Excel question

Hi -

When you go to the role center and in the search criteria type in Sales quote you get a list of sales quote and then you go to left top corner and click on down arrow and select Print & send—>Microsoft excel it throws the information into excel which is fine but when you highlight the column the Sort&Filter option in excel is disabled. Is there any way to change the settings in excel not to filter all the columns NAV exports.

Any help is highly appreciated.



It is only sending the columns in your view to Excel - you could add or remove columns if you don’t want them to show or want additional columns for data you aren’t currently viewing.

Realisticly it sounds like you are looking for the functionality of an actual report. You can either take a look and see if any of the included reports in NAV meet your needs, have a developer help you create one for NAV if not, or with access to the SQL server and a little bit of SQL know how you can connect view tables directly to Excel or connect to SQL via Power BI to develop your own reports.