Nav 2016: Page with action reports

i need to create a page that contain in the body only actions reports like the role center

how can i do this ?

for creating a role center follow…/dd355073(v=nav.90).aspx

creating cues in a role center…/ff477101(v=nav.90).aspx

Hi Rami,
i think we have done similar requirement one you asked for .
You should create text constants for captions or names for actions you want to create in cardpage.
We use card page normally because they are static so define those textconstants in page designers in each line.
Now Fill with action code in Ondrilldown Trigger of each fields .

So when you click on these text constants they will trigger to code written on Ondrildown .

We have tested pages and report. So it Works For all (I think So).

Let me Know If you need any further help or this is not you wanted