Nav 2016 opening error- when More than two company created

I created three companies in Nav 2016 except the demo companies 1. Cronus test, 2. Company and 3. Dealer1. But after that navision is not getting open and giving the following error.

" Your program license Permits a maximum of 2 non-demonstration companies.
contact your system administrator to set up additional companies. their names start with “CRONUS”…"

I am using developer licence and have super user permissions.


Please check licensce uploaded on SQL Server or Licensed Saved in database.
Licensed Saved in database take priority over uploaded on server.…/where-my-license-is-saved-in-sql.html

Hello Sir,
Thanks for your reply i was using the licence file by alter option and change licence, Now i will try with upload also. Thanks

i had tried the all three ways as you mentioned in you blog, but again creating the fourth company including demo database, the Nav application stop working and nor being open, then i have to reinstall the setup again after uninstalling.

If you already restarted the NAV server instance (which must be done after uploading a new license), then the problem could be in your license. Is it a “normal” partner development license? Could you show whats included in the license?

Have you restarted the service after the license upload?