NAV 2013 Xmlports


i created an xmlport on nav 2009 to export the chart of accounts.

i then created a similar one on NAV 2013 in order to import the data. when i chose the file i get this error: "There are multiple root elements. Line 10, position 2.

i dont really get this error because i tried the same thing with the locations tables and everything worked just fine.

can anyone help please.


Definitions of XMLPorts have changed a bit between NAV 2009 and NAV 2013.

My suggestion to you is to test your NAV 2013 XMLPort by having it export the chart of accounts in the demo company and then compare the exported file with the file you created with NAV 2009.


i got the same error and same format in both.

Hi Sarah,

This link from MSDN will help for better understanding of XMLPorts in 2013

So what you’re saying is that if you export the file using the XMLPort in NAV 2013 and then still in NAV 2013 tries to import the same file that you just exported then you get the same error??

yes, that’s what happened. but i fixed the problem by exporting and importing the data using the “Variable text” format in the xmlport.

but when i use the xml format i get error of having multiple root elements, i will dig deeper into this issue once i finish this implementation.

thank you all.