NAV 2013 Web Client Technology & Scenario with slow internet connection

Hi everyone,

i would need some informations about NAV Web Client

Nav Technology used by the NAV Web Cleint (how it connectsto the NAV Server, which technology is used … how NAV Web Client work)
Bandwidth usage of the Web clientsession (ho many sessions on one server… etc.)
Compatibility with existing browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefoxetc.).
Examples of configuration scenario (eg: 1 for NAV server, 1 serverfor IIS, 1 server for SQL DB etc.).
Differences between Web Clientand RTC Client (what does less or can not use on Web Client)
Cloud Scenario
On the Cloud Scenario (ex: Azureenvironment) you can use both RTC WebClient?
Should i implement a scenario with slow internet connection
NAV Server in Europe, NavWeb Client with access from China(with slower Internet connectionsin this case…)

I’ve seen the documents on NAV 2013 and theprerequisites but I wanted to understand the feasibility of the above scenario.

Where can I find more documentation?

Can you help me ?

Many thanks for the support

Roberto Stefanetti

Did you find any more information on the above question?