NAV 2013 - Report Builder: How can I print footer only on the last page.

Hi All,

I have a problem, I try to create the Sales Invoice Report, my client would like to print the original document and copy document as well.

For my case, when the Sales Invoice has more than one page, my client would like to show the total amount only on last page.

My problem is, when I set in the report builder to print on last page, the original document is Correct, but for the copy document, the total amount always show every page.

If you have any idea or have a sample, please share with me.

Sorry, my English is not good.

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Just an Idea -

  1. You can place the Totals in the Footer Section of the Table in Body. (Do not use Page Footer, that repeats on every page).

  2. For multiple copy approach i would suggest to look for Standard Sales Invoice Report. If you are following the same, make sure that you have a list in the report which is grouped on Document No, and Page Loop No.
    And Every Table part of the Report should be inside this list.

Let me know if any questions.

Hi Saurav Dhyani,

Thanks for your reply.

My client would like to put the total amount in the bottom of last page, so I am using the footer section. But if I change to put in Body section, how can I place it in the bottom of the page.

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Sorry to say but that is not possible. I tried to figure it out way back in 2007 but that seems a limitation. but there are some workarounds.

Read the old discussion here -…/navision-rtc-report-footer-on-end-of-last-page
There are some workaround in the above links but nothing can guarantee 100%.

One More workaround for Place in Bottom -…/

My Findings are listed here about header and footer -…/nav-2009-reports-common-issue.html

Hope any of these help you out…

Many thanks Saurav Dhyani

Let me try to read your link. If I have any solution, I will share with you.

Thanks again.

Hi wayosakorn,
Are you using same funtionalities like Page 1of 1 in your Report Both for Original and copy…
If yes, then i think you could directly use those values for Setting Visibility of Footer…

Hi Raja Venkat,

Thanks for you suggestion, because I’m just an basic skill in Report Builder. I understand your suggestion, but I don’t know how and where to set it.

Many thanks,

Hey wayosakorn,

Add it in the Footer Section. On the Visibility condition add this piece of code -
=IIF(Globals!PageName = Globals!TotalPages, FALSE, TRUE).

Note - Make Sure You are executing your Report Invoice Wise.

HI Wayosakorn,
Just Select what ever Textbox you want to show on Last page footer And Select Text box Properties–>Visibility–>checkmark(select)–Show or hide based on Expression(fx)–> =IIF(Globals!PageNumber=Globals!TotalPages,False,True)

If you need any help let me Know…
Note: If you are Following Standard report for Copying invoice like in 206 then it would Perfectly works …( it worked for me)

Hi RockWithNAV,

Thanks, but my Report Builder version is 3.0 and in footer section, it has no Visibility menu. It just has only 3 menus (General, Fill, and Border).

Thank you,

Hi Raja Venkat,

It’s work!!! Thanks a lot.


Hey Friend,

Visibility is something which you can add either for Tablix, Row Visibility, Column Visibility or the Textbox.

On either the Header or Footer you cant add Tablix but the Text-boxes so to achieve this you need to write on the TextBox Visibility.

This condition too =IIF(Globals!PageName = Globals!TotalPages, FALSE, TRUE), you can write only either on Header Or Footer as Body doesnt supports this Globals! Page Number.