NAV 2013 R2 - Need help on report


I’m creating a payment journal report and need a help with it since i’m not very good at it.

The data on gen.journal line template payment should look like this:

The result of the report page should be totaled first by document, vendor, and then followed by field Ok to Pay like this :


The 1st Amount column from the left is totaled by document and then the vendor.

The 2nd Amount column from the left is then totaled by totaling the record with the field “Ok to Pay” marked.

Is there anything you can suggest to me on how to handle a multiple level grouping like this ? I will appreciate any help.

A little bit of note, the custom field “Ok to Pay” is a field boolean with no additional code in it. It was made to mark certain record.


First, you need to create correct DataSet (if I understood correctly) with the sequence “Ok to Pay”, Vendor Document number and each Details.
Use grouping for it with Tablex or Matrix.

P.S. I don’t remember the name of video with it like, an example, but it is from MIBUSO youtube-channel + video from MS -channel with a name like “Advanced grouping…”

Sure, thank you for pinpoint this. Appreciated it!