NAV 2013 performance issues


We have been experiencing a speed issue with our NAV 2013 (not R2) system, when opening a customer card or item card there is generally a delay of between 2-10 seconds before the page displays the information, so the page open right away but blank then NAV thinks about displaying the information 2-10 seconds before display the data.

Our dynamics NAV support company have looking at the issue for over a years now and have thrown in the towel and said we can see there is an issue but we don’t know what causing it and we have run out of idea’s.

When the issue first appear or at least when it got to the stage where we said “this is a problem now”, we were on a two tier setup so on the service tier (single service tier for up to 75 concurrent users) was on the same server as the SQL database, once we raise the issue the support company moved the service tier onto another server and setup two service tiers, but the issue remained.

The have also setup a maintenance job on the sql server to re-index the database every Saturday night, again no improvement.

They have double checked any modifications we’ve had to NAV and confirmed that the coding is good.

Their hardware team has look over both servers to make sure there are no hardware faults and everything is fine.

They have noticed if they look at the sql activity monitor data that resource waits the network I/O times are high (their words not mine)

Wait Time (ms/sec) 6138

Recent wait time (ms/sec) 5851

Average waiter count 7.0

Cumulative wait time (sec) 175396

Other things I have noticed on this screen are loads of “ASYNC_NETWORK_IO” in the processes section that have a task state of suspended, no idea if this is normal or not, the support companies thoughts on these are it not related so we don’t need to look at it.

The support company have confirmed (at least that what they have said) it’s not a networking issue, when the service tier was on the sql server we pulled the network cable, create a local connection to the database, so no networks connected to the server and only one user connected to the database and the issue was still there.

Our current setup is:

NAV 2013 build 7.0.48066.0

SQL Server

Server 2008 R2 64 bit, 32GB RAM, single Xeon X5675 processor

C drive = OS, Raid 1

D drive = Log files, Raid 1

E drive = Database files, Raid 10

Service tier server

Server 2008 R2 64 bit, 28GB RAM, single Xeon E5649 processor

C drive = OS, Raid 1

D drive = random files not being accessed, Raid 1

NAV add-ons

Zetadocs capture

Zetadocs delivery

Many thanks


Hi Matthew,
You gave a very detailed description if your problem, but some details are missing…
Affected are Customer & Item Cards, both have many “statistical” info out of the box, but many users love to request their support companies to add even more, which can degrade performance due to massive calculations.

For example, a common request is Item Qty by Locations on Card, or even worse, in the List. This info is available “just a few mouse clicks away” but put directly in said pages can be a performance nightmare even when “double checked any modifications… …and confirmed that the coding is good”.

Maybe my suggestion has nothing to do with your case, but it’s the first thing I thought about reading your post.


How many flowfields are there in your customer table?. Flowfields can play an important role in slowing down the page.

Hi again Matthew,

Meanwhile searching some other info, I came upon this Jorg’s blog post:

NAV/SQL is completely „stalled“ because of too many CPU Threads

Check it out, maybe it’s your case, too - at least you mentioned in your post loads of “ASYNC_NETWORK_IO”