NAV 2013 - License Type

Dear Expert,

I want to test Limit User in NAV 2013. What exactly limit in NAV 2013?

My license have 3 limit user and 20 Full User, i try to create 1 user with license type is Limit User, so the result is:

  • I can create & modify Master Data.

  • Post Journal, Sales Order, Purchase Order.

  • Can view the history like General Ledger Entry, Value Entry…

  • Can create & modify add-on table, page.

So I don’t know the limit of this license type.

This link might help you

Many thank with your information.

As i understand is the Full users is need for Advance functional Warehouse module, Manufacturing, professional Service. So Limit user can use Finance module and distribution with simple location.

is that right?

Hope this will help you:

Limited User licenses provide users full read, but limited write, capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. The Limited User license is designed to give customers a lower-cost alternative for extending ERP to users who only require limited access to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application:

  • Read access to data contained in the solution through any client accessing the application, including but not limited to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client, and web services.
  • Write access to a maximum of three application tables in the object range 0 - 99,999,999 other than the General Ledger Entry table, through any client accessing the application. Access to the General Ledger Entry Table requires a Full User license.

But now there is no restriction between the Full user and limited user because i have tested this scenario using the limited user. This user will work only with trust [:)].

Thank you very much.

I have read this information, but the same that you tested, i worked ok with some simple case.

I will test with some advance functions, to hope to find out this one.