NAV 2013 : How to only print selected records with checkbox

Hi, i’m new to NAV and i have a question about form and report…

I added a new field in the “page - sales line” in NAV called"print" with data type “boolean”.

My goal is to make the records with the checked “print checkbox” appear in the printout, and the other is not printed.

Here’s the image of the page


What do i do to print only the selected one ?

Welcome to DUG!!!

You can write one function for selected record and then pass that record in report and print the report.

Hi Lius,

Why don’t you create the field in sale line table ? If this is the restricted scenario, do as suggested by Mr. Amol.


Gaurav Singh

i’ve tried this :

the field “print” (checkbox) is on sales line page, and in the report (Sales line - OnAfterGetRecord()) i tried to put the code



even tried to use table filter

Field Type Value

Print CONST Yes

but none of it is working, what is the function to pass the record ? thx before :slight_smile:

Is it sales Invoice report 206?

then please write code in Sales Shipment Buffer - OnPreDataItem() trigger

and set above filter on SalesShipmentBuffer record variable

it’s from report 202 - Sales Document - Test