Nav 2013 Development Mode Environment code should not modify

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I need to give Nav 2013 DB to client.Client should open in RTC level but client should never modify the code in Development environment.Please tell me the solution.Please tell what are the permissions to give.

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Baba Guru.

Just install RTC in client machine and Dont install development environment

and he cannot be able to modify code with customer licese so dont leave your partner license with customer.

you can explain the user that if he changes any code then it may lead to database corruption and total project will be failed…

Thanks for the reply mohana. But my requirement is client should be able to open the Development Environment but when he changes the code in any object then client should not be allowed to modify the existing code or inserting the new code.

How can Customer See code with Customer License?

No,He will have development license also

He bought the development license also

If they bought the development license, they are allowed to do development.


So the next question is: why do you want to prohibit the customer to touch code if the have been provided a customer license?

ya your question is good

if you are installing rtc as well as development environment in clients machine

it was not possible to access the code ,he can access only the object .when client doesn’t have license .

but what you have mentioned in the above post the client purchased license

in this case he can access the code ,

he can update the code or insert the code.

It stays somehow vage to me. If the customer has dev license I guess that is for some reason. So why do you want to prohibit them to touch the code?

Here client means…the employee(Functioncal Consultant) who is working in our organisation itself

Then you can remove super permissions and create a new permission set where he cannot access system permission 5210 - Tools, Object Designer

Thanks for reply Mohana…i have given the permission as you said set but it not working…

If he is your colleague, why not to sit with him and ask him not to modify anything?

After setting the permission have you sync. the logins.