nav 2013 customer ledger entries + sorting ?

I want to sort the customer ledger entries in NAV 2013 in another sorting order for example in Sorting: “Open,Due date”

It won’t change, why?

Is this a bugg in NAV 2013? It works in NAV 2009 R2.

Where did you change the Sorting Order?

I changed it next to the A to Z - see below image

Cannot change the sorting

I mean above the Show result. There is something called Sorting:

It wont work to change sorting alternative only to change A to Z sorting not to completely change sorting alternative.

You can click on the small down arrow which is just before the A to Z option which will show all the options available to sort the list.

Here is the Image for more understanding


Yes, and that is my problem. It wont work in NAV 2013. Is this a bugg i NAV 2013?

Have you tried to change to another option fromn what your image shows? Try, it wont work to change to for example Open,Due Date

Hi Anna,

Exactly what is that you think doesn’t work in NAV 2013? Changing the sort key? In my installation of NAV 2013 this works without any problems.

The only thing that I can think of, is that whenever you leave this page, then it will set it back. But that’s by design. It will always show the list the way it was programmed. But please tell us what you have tried and what the problem is.

Hi Erik,

Can you sent me an image that shows that you can change the sorting alternative to for example to option Open,Due Date.


Sorry Anna,

It didnt work for me as well.

So it must be a Microsoft bugg.

Yes, I’m sorry, this doesn’t work in any of my NAV 2013 installs. And the Vendor and Item Ledger Entries pages have the same problem.

I can also say that this problem does not exist in NAV 2013 R2.

In this release it will not let you select a specific sort key, but instead you can just click on the column, you want the page to be sorted after. And you don’t even have to define the field as a key first.

Thank you, that is the best option.

But how do I the that? Can you end an image please?

Here is the image :slight_smile:

thank you[:D]

WOW! I even just know about this one in 2013! Great!