NAV 2013 and 2015 Demo


Could anybody provide a link to NAV 2013 Demo I could download from the customersource? The 2015 would be nice to have too but the 2013 probably could be more in demand still so I’d need to get it first.


I did Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 2013 R2 download from mibuso. I hope it could be the option. Otherwise, please advise if anybody could know a better source…

I’ve also downloaded NAV 2015 from the customersource: that might be not a Demo and I’d probably need a license. If anybody knows if there is a Demo for NAV 2015 then please advise.


All NAV installation media are the same - there is no special DEMO media as only the license file determines what you can do.

Plus, inst media always contains DEMO license file, and DB there includes CRONUS demo company.

Thank you, Modris. The NAV 2013 is all working good. I didn’t install the 2015 yet bot hope it would be Ok once it’s from the customer source.


Be aware that it’s not so easy to set up all 3 tiers of both v2013 and v2015 side by side on the same PC.

Although it can be done, it’s not a task for a newbie - I beg my pardon if I under-evaluated your skills, just as a warning for you and all the other folks who will read this thread.

Thank you very much, Modris, for letting me know about this. I’ll go through the 2013 first then.