Nav 2009 SQL replication failing


this is my first post, apologies if I have missed my answer elsewhere and thanks for all the help I have gathered from the site.

I have Nav 2009 SQL with the db on SQL2008 standard. I have been replicating it to another onsite server to provide a ‘spare’ db to produce some cubes for reporting. I have had a standard transactional rep running for 6 mths with no problems.

Recently we stopped the rep while changes were made to the cubesand on restarting the replication it is now failing horribly with the following error

Cannot DROP TABLE ‘dbo.Company Ltd$Value Entry’ because it is being referenced by object ‘Company Ltd$Value Entry$VSIFT$7’. (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 3729)

I have been removing the affected tables from the publication as they are not needed for our purposes but all this does is move the problem to another table.

I cannot understand why it doesnt work now after such a long, problem free run?

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

I must add that the only other change while rep was off is that the tables were optimised from the Nav client.

many thanks


Hi Terry,

This error seems to me , that you have probably a new index that is build on Value entry. But I was wondering , is this a SQL related problem rahter than an NAV ?


And Welcome to the Site ! :slight_smile: