NAV 2009 RTC R2 Overlapping Text on Column Headings


I have a user whose column headings in NAV 2009 RTC overlap with other pages & Explorer windows to the point of being unreadable. The attached screen shot is of the Apply Vendor Entries page, that garbled column heading contains text from the Payment Journal page, the Vendor List page and possibly the user’s Role Center Home page in addition to the headings for the Apply Vendor Entries page.

When the user opens a page in NAV, the column headings of that page do not refresh but are overlapped with text from whatever Windows object was behind it (or in front of it: Explorer windows can be placed in front of the page and when moved the details from that window are stuck on the page’s heading). The user’s station is running XP. We have 30 stations running XP and NAV 2009 RTC, this is the only station with this issue.

I have come up empty on all of my searches of various NAV forums and other tech sites (and Google). I may very well be using incorrect terms to describe this issue. I realize this issue may be rooted in XP or the graphics/video card, but the issue only occurs with NAV so my hope is that one of you may be able to steer me in the right direction.

Many thanks,


Is the screen resolution the same of other PC? Does this behavior happen since the first use of NAV on that PC or just after a certain day?