Nav 2009 - Minimum permissions to do object updates

As part of our change control process, Nav developers are not permitted to move objects into production. We have two people in another group designated to move our updated FOB’s into production on our patch cycle.

In Nav 5 we created a role assign to these users so they could only log in, open the object browser, import and update the objects. The entire user interface was hidden from them. The permissions in Nav 5 were Table Data, Table, and System object types with all Yes’ for Read, Insert, Modify, Delete, and Run for System.

This role came over when we migrated to Nav 2009 but these permissions are not working in Nav 2009 Classic Client. The users received errors about Change Log Management code unit, EP Request Handler code unit, mobile document dispatcher, etc.

Does anyone know what the minimum permissions or an existing role we can give to these users to accomplish our goal of giving them just enough to do the object updates?