Nav 2009 classic report to Nav 2013 report conversion

i was wondering if it would be possible to convert Nav 2009 classic report to Nav 2013 ? Can you please tell us the Best method or any tool is availible ?###



you need to upgrade them in NV2009 only first and then import in NAV2013


Following link from MSDN will help you



dear sami,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? If you did, would you mind sharing it with us and if any of the posted answers helped you on the way, then please verify them.

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Hi Mohana,

Yes.We need to follow below steps for converting Nav 2009 or Older version to Nav 2013 Report:

1)Exporting Nav 2009 or older version report object in .txt format

2)Import in Nav 2013 and Compile it . Go to Tools → Click on “Upgrade Reports”.

3)We need to Paste the code Pre-section code of Classic report in Data item - On after get record of Nav 2013 Report and for


we can use row visibility for Hidden




Please ignore if you this already.


Sami Mohammed.

for converting Classic Dynamics NAV reports to RDCL you can use Simplanova Report Converter -…/